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We provide services that enable our clients to realise their projects with peace of mind by delivering an integrated system that covers everything from securing a site to complex applications, purchasing materials, and construction in cooperation with our partner companies.

NON-FIT solar power generation projects(off-site type)

"NON-FIT" refers to a power generation system that does not depend on the FIT (Feed-in Tariff) system for economic viability. Electricity can be supplied as 100% renewable energy-derived electricity through a direct contract between the power producer and the recipient. In other words, electricity with higher environmental value can be delivered.

With the global promotion of initiatives such as SDGs, ESG investment, and RE100 (*), this enables long-term stability of electricity prices, not only for the global
environment, but also for businesses and individuals, leading to the realization of a sustainable future.

We provide total support in NON-FIT solar power generation for developers and landowners, from land selection to completion of construction. We handle the complex procedures of development and post-development maintenance, so you can rest assured that you can trust your project to us.

Solar sharing business

Solar sharing is a system that combines agriculture and solar power generation business. Although it is necessary to choose crops that can grow even with high shading, it is attracting attention as a new form of agriculture that allows farmers to earn income from agriculture while protecting farmland, and to generte renewable energy on the same land. The electricity generated can be sold to power companies, thereby earning income from the sale of electricity and from agriculture.

In addition, the business is being developed with the aim of revitalizing local communities by utilizing fallow or abandoned farmland to create new jobs in the community or as a source of local energy in times of emergency.

Biogas business

Biogas power generation is a system that generates electricity by fermenting raw materials to produce biogas, which turns a gas turbine. By using waste and other materials as raw materials, food waste and other materials that would have otherwise been discarded can be reused as resources. Another advantage is the stable supply of electricity, which is not affected by weather conditions.

Solar Power Generation Business for Private Consumption(On-Site Type)

A solar power generation system can be installed on the roof or premises of a facility that wishes to use electricity, and the electricity can be consumed at the company's own facilities (or at home) without selling the electricity. In addition to reducing electricity costs and preparing for disasters (power outages), the use of clean energy can also improve your corporate image.

We provide easy-to-understand explanations for customers who want to know about solar power generation, installation, and land use. We offer free explanations of manufacturer products, subsidies, installation advantages, how to choose a distributor or installer, how to read estimates, maintenance and after-sales follow-up, budget consultation, diagnosis of other companies' estimates, actual land diagnosis for your home or property, estimates for other products, and economic effects before and after installation of solar power generation. Simulation is also available free of charge.

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