Supporting stable operation and extended service life of photovoltaic power generation facilities

In our Operations & Maintenance business, we provide maintenance and operation services aimed at maximizing power generation and minimizing power loss. We offer a wide range of services, from monitoring the amount of electricity generated and management tasks such as restoration in case of failure, to improving profitability and running costs. We can offer a wide range of proposals that go beyond ordinary maintenance.

Operations Management

Monitoring of power generation status

Monitoring power generation status and detecting abnormalities in modules and PCS

Suggestions for Improving Profitability

Proposals to reduce running costs and increase profits

Recovery response in case of failure

Flexible rush response according to site conditions

Maintenance and operation

Maintenance around facilities

Environmental measures such as weeding, snow removal, rainwater and puddling

Periodic inspection

Conducting Patrol Inspections and Annual Inspections

Installation of surveillance cameras

Installation of 24-hour surveillance cameras

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