Development of solar power plants

Various forms of power procurement available to meet customer needs

The developed solar power plant can be owned by the company itself, and all operations from power generation to in-house consumption can be performed within the group company. Alternatively, you can purchase only the electricity without owning the power plant. We also offer other forms of power procurement to meet your needs, such as virtual corporate PPAs where you receive only the environmental value of the power.

For off-site corporate PPAs

For off-site corporate PPAs

Achieving "RE100" with the community

We are working hand in hand with companies who are committed to the "RE100" initiative to return diverse value to communities and businesses through locally produced and locally consumed electricity.

※"RE100" is an international initiative that aims to procure 100% of the electricity used in corporate activities from renewable energy sources.


An example of the various needs of our customers

Case 1

I want to work on "RE100" while contributing to the community.

We can provide the best possible support from land acquisition to development, as well as post-development community contributions, while listening to the needs of the community and the company.

Case 2

We want to own our own solar power plant and utilize renewable electricity.

We will listen to your requirements and propose a reliable development procedure with an eye to your operational structure. We can handle both offsite and onsite development.

Case 3

I want to use renewable electricity (Environmental Value Certificate)

Even if you cannot own your own solar power plant, you can procure power that is friendly to the global environment and local communities.

Case 4

I want to take advantage of the FIP system.(Feed in Premium)

We will guide you through the conditions for using the program and provide total support, including confirmation items and application procedures based on our professional knowledge.

On-site self-consumption solar project

Solar panels can be installed on the roofs of factories and homes where electricity demand is generated. Since the electricity generated can be used directly, it can be used as an emergency power source in the event of a disaster or to reduce electricity costs, which are rising year by year. Please feel free to contact us for a consultation to confirm the conditions for development and to simulate power generation.


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