Build secure future with clean energy

Recently clean energy has attracted more and more attention, and its popularity also has been accelerating.
Winfield Japan takes the planning, design and construction of solar power generation system as the main business to provide high-quality low-price products, and strives to build a secure future for Japan.

Chairman Katsuta Kenichi

Winfield Japan’s Vision

Insufficient strength indicates insufficient efforts
                         Insufficient tangible achievement indicates insufficient sense of responsibility
                         Insufficient will indicates insufficient hardship endurance
                         Insufficient judgment indicates insufficient information
                         Graveness brings genuine knowledge 
                         Giving up halfway brings ignorance
                         Carelessness brings only rework
                         Because with graveness, most of the things can be done
                         Because with graveness, you will feel full of fun
                         Because with graveness, you will be helped by everybody

Prospects of Winfield Japan

  • 1


  • 2

    Solve social

  • 3


On the basis of the 3 prospects mentioned above, promote the integration of more global perspective and diverse
technologies in the community of nations that is more and more diverse since the 21stCentury,
and take solving the international social problems with a new technology as the mission to constantly move forward.