Solar business

Solar power generation industry

“Although there is interest in solar power generation industry, there is not relevant knowledge….” “It is heard that the application and procedures are very troublesome….” “It is said that it is very difficult to guarantee the site……” From the people who are interested in the solar power generation industry, but cannot tread in this field, many of these words are heard.
Therefore, through assisting company and cooperation, our company has built a complete set of production system from land use guarantee to various complex applications, materials purchase and construction, providing the customers with the service with which the customers only need to securely work on the industry.
In addition, our company will cooperate with the accounting firm to provide services related to tax-saving countermeasures like green investment tax cuts, equipment investment tax cuts in aspect of raising productivity, etc

Advantages of solar power generation

  • Clean and unexhausted
    The greatest advantage of solar power generation is that energy is unexhausted,
    clean and pollution-free.Solar power generation systems do not emit CO2.
  • Effective use of idle land
    The scale of solar power generation can be adjusted freely according to the size of the installation site, so there are various devices and systems adaptive for a wide range of applications from general family scale to large scale.
  • Electricity selling
    For >10KW industrial solar power generation systems, 20-year fixed transaction period may be set. The transaction price is fixed for 20 years after the application, so 20-year stable business plan can be achieved.
For construction cases

Our business system

Winfield Japan Co.,Ltd.
  • Land use guarantee

    Land sale/lease

  • Various applications

    Electric Power Company
    Economic industry province
    Local autonomous region

  • Construction

    Site leveling,felling, building
    Material dispatching

  • Maintenance

    hand over item by item
    electric power security